Trent shortly before his boss fight

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Trent is the main antagonist during the Illbleed stage 'Woodpuppets'.


Trent was the evil spirit of a tree in the middle of the woods that was “huge, gnarly, and tough as nails”, able to grow and retract his face at will. He eventually devoured a sawmill operator called George MacLachlan who intended to saw him down to test the merits of his new saw. It’s clear Trent didn’t just go devouring random people, though, as apparently upon devouring MacLachlan he fused with him. MacLachlan actually seems to be the dominant personality over Trent, as Trent was just a random evil tree in the woods, whereas once MacLachlan was devoured Trent went to continue running his saw mill.


Trent fuses with MacLachlan

Trent had his lumberjacks, the woodcutters, go and abduct random people in the woods before encasing them in wood and removing their brains. Trent then had his men mail out these “woodpuppets” in boxes back to their families, where upon being released they would attempt to chase their horrified family members. Trent and the woodcutters also kill the woodpuppets for sport in healthy competition, apparently gambling on the outcomes. While Trent is an evil boss who refers to his men as his “woodcutting slaves”, they seem to be just as evil as him, given how much they seem to enjoy all of this.

Trent refers to himself as George MacLachlan after eating the man, but the game refers to him as Trent despite this name never being directly stated. If nothing else, Trent has some form of influence over MacLachlan, as before he fused with Trent he wasn’t some sort of evil psychopath.


While Trent's character is meant to be portrayed as the boss of the woodcutters, his animatronic robot is malfunctioning and does not give out the proper dialogue until after he has been defeated. None the less, it is still capable of fighting the player, and it swings roots at the player and vomits on them.