Supergreatfriend (sometimes also SGF or Supergreatfrien, due to username character limits on many sites) is a Let's Player that started posting videos on in late October of 2008. His first Let's Play was the game Shadow Man, which he chose because he thought "Shadow Man would make a good game for that kind of thing." He had his first exposure to Let's Plays when he watched a Let's Play of I Wanna be the Guy which he didn't like. He later saw "The Terrible Secret of Animal Crossing" and The Dark Id's Let's plays of Resident Evil. After that he started looking for more videos and thought that it looked like a fun thing to do.

Appearance Edit

His actual name and appearance are unknown. He operates modestly, without a facecam. He is frequently depicted as his xbox live avatar, a sardonic box-head.

He has mentioned that he wears glasses due to nearsightedness. He has confirmed to sometimes wear socks, although on a rare occasion he has admitted to going sockless for streams. He has also been sighted wearing black leather gloves (possibly due to the cold weather, or to hide robotic fingers). 

Interests Edit

Naturally, SGF is a fan of videogames, giving special preference to horror games or games with a horror theme, like ILLBLEED, Resident Evil, Silent Hill,D and D2. It is apparent that he has a fondness for cheesy movies, especially cheesy horror movies. He also used to read the Berserk manga, although he stopped keeping up with the series sometime in the past. SuperGreatFriend is also credited as having done the illustrations shown in his Sword of the Berserk LP. When questioned on this, SGF revealed that he used to have an interest in drawing, but after a long period of trying to get better, has since stopped altogether. He also enjoys wrestling.

He does not drive a Toyota. He does own a grass cutter, which does not work like the grass cutter in Deadly Premonition. UPDATE: As of February 4th, 2019, it is CONFIRMED that Supergreatfriend drives a Subaru.

Accommodation Edit

SuperGreatFriend is an American from New Jersey. There are rumors that he works for the government.