What biomedical engineers are capable of.

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Spanner_surgeon isn't really sure when he first joined the [STRAM] but has been glad ever since he did.  He apsires to become a biomedical engineer and specialize in pediatric oncology.  His other dream is to one day make a pilgrimage from his home state of California to the land of SGF in order to launch a massive manhunt to find Mr. Greatfriend and sit down and have tea with him.  


Spanner_surgeon's name comes from the tool - spanner and the medical proffession - surgeon.  

His favorite type of terrain is jungle.  

In the event of an all-out-zombie apocalypse he would go off into the mountains and survive with nothing more than a warm pair of clothes and an axe.  

He has a pet Funyarimpa and demands that all non-believers apologize to it.

His favorite food is his mom's chicken enchiladas.