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Michael Reynolds is the main antagonist of Illbleed, the owner of the theme park of the same name. He offers anybody who can survive all of the attractions of his park one million dollars. Thousands have apparently died in Illbleed's attractions based off the backstage portions of the Killerman section.

Michael Reynolds is a ludicrously successful businessman, and aside from the theme park at least owns a successful film series for children in Toyhunter and an orchestra named after himself. He does little outside unleash his robots on the players in a normal playthrough, but if none of the other playable characters are saved, Eriko can confront Michael Reynolds for the true ending. Here, it is revealed that Michael is Eriko's father, and that he tortured her constantly trying to scare her as a child. This seems to have hardened Eriko to his scare tactics, and makes Michael become obsessed with trying to scare her. Eventually, he just goes to kill her, because it's clear he's entirely insane.

Michael Reynolds has two additional forms besides his main one. His biology is quite questionable, given he has a normal human daughter. It is possible he can simply reproduce with humans in his basic form, or that he was an ordinary human before turning into a blue alien creature. Given the operations his dummy men can do and his insanity, it is far from impossible that he voluntarily paid to have himself turned into his current form.