Who wouldn't want to attend this party?

[MODE] is an FMV game about saunas and demonic possession of household objects.

It was released on Windows 3.1 in 1996 and fell under the mainstream radar; not gaining much fanfare in the press. It follows the social misadventures of a mysterious party crasher at a high-art fashion gathering thrown by the eccentric Vito Brevis.

The games creator Jeff Green or 'Spaxter' expressed surprise when finding out somebody even had a copy of [MODE] and went on to say he doubts anyone in the world knows more about [MODE] than SGF.

The [MODE] LP having a streaming format resulted in several main-stays of SGF's output, including ODME for counting votes and the saturday streams themselves. The popularity in SGF's Twitch channel exploded after the first [MODE] stream, with the chat going from 25 people during the first stream, to around 400 in the second.


[MODE]'s gameplay focuses on social interaction, with almost all gameplay being how positively the player reacts to what the characters in the story are saying. This is achieved through the MOOD bar; a red, blue and green bar that determines if the reaction is unhappy/angry, cool/indifferent or pleased/eager.


'Let's give him some blue.' The MOOD bar.

Due to only being able to speak in three colors, the game can have bizzare situations where an NPC will seemingly respond to something very specific that we, the player, are never aware of. The creator Jeff Green when commenting in the SomethingAwful thread said he intended players to say a response at the computer, then click the appropriate color, allowing the game's characters to reply to the general tone of the user's completley self-chosen response. 

Later in the game the player gains a DOME. Which they can use at certain points to enter the sensorium... or get potentially murdered.

The Party CrasherEdit


The Party Crasher (As imagined by SA User 'The Worst Unicorn')

"We are a party goer that is comprised of 25 people in a chat room" 

The Party Crasher is an annonymous and uninvited guest to the [MODE] event. The genderless guest suffers from a mental affliction, that results in having up to 400 chatroom members in their head dictating their every choice.

Despite having a bouncer as fearsome as Tuba, the [MODE] event has awful security, allowing in several party crashers. Their fates are as follows:

  • Crasher 1: Got laid, missed Vito's performance.
  • Crasher 2: Was thrown out by Tuba.
  • Crasher 3: Knocked out by Riel, missed Vito's performance.
  • Crasher 4: Made it to the end of the party, witnessed Vito's final perfomance
  • Crasher 5: A perfect party guest. Demonstrated by LP Bot
  • Crasher 6: A realistically neutral party guest. Talked Vito out of a final performance.
  • Crasher 7: A domeless speedrun. Saw the truth behind Vito's performance.
  • Crasher 8: Decided to leave the party of their own free will.