The video starts with a fade in of the words "Presented by SEGA", and the warp intro sequence.' SuperGreatFriend begins speaking over the game's copyright information.

SuperGreatFriend: Welcome back everyone! and now it's time to play D2.

The Copyright information fades, and is relplaced with the game's title menu. two large, Geletanous, orange letters form the name of the game, infront of a background of a snowy mountain range. a woman sings a haunting opera in the background.

SuperGreatFriend: That WARP logo? That was the last time that logo was ever shown, because WARP disbanded shortly after D2's relaese due a combination of low sales and aparently Kenji Eno's crumbling mindset, as he suposedly was having some sort of nervous breakdown during developement. This game: Verry diffrent from the first D. IT has actual gameplay for one thing, quite a bit of gameplay.

SuperGreatFriend begins interacting with the ingame menus. The Title Letters begin spinning uncontrollably for no discernable reason.

SuperGreatFriend: This game comes from the Metal Gear Solid school of game design, in which you have, uh, gameplay segments seperated by lengthy cutscenes... Soo many cutscenes. *sigh* so Kenji Eno still did want to still go about the interactive movie route with this game,but chose to go about it a diffrent way let's see if he was any more successful this time.

Supergreatfriend selects the "Opening Movie" option with a flash of fire, and the screen goes black

SuperGreatFriend:So let's start by watching the Opening Movie....

An image of Laura's Compact resting on a coffee table appears. Pink text reads "Please insert Disc 4."

SuperGreatFriend: Let's start by inserting the last disc of the game to watch the Opening Movie.

The screen cuts to white text on a black background reading "WARP PRESENTS" in a flowing font, the screen fades to a lone figure, wandering through a snowy tundra alone. the snowstorm has reduced visibility so much, hardly any features of the landscape can be seen. the scene fades in on the bootprints of the figure, he is grunting, and blood is trailing behind him. suddenly, the man clutches at his throat, falls to his knees, and colapses face first in the snow with a wheeze. The man, who we can now tell is wearing a yellow parka, gets back up to his feet, and continues walking through the snowbank. his trail of red blood, almost inperceveably, begins to shift to green. the man starts moaning in pain, as the camera pans back along his fading bloodtrail, and the games title flashes infront of the screen. The Snow fades away, and is replaced by a crackeling fireplace inside of a log cabin. An african american woman sits in a rocking chair, sighing quietly. She rubs her face, and turns to look at a young blonde woman sleeping under a heavy quilt on the bed.