LP-Bot is the co-narrator of Supergreatfriend's Lets plays. A computerized "Automatic Let's Playing system",

his first appearence was in Part 18 of the D & D2 LP after Supergreatfriend was suffering from the "Crippling Side Effects of Linda abuse." He takes over whenever SGF does not want to play through a section of a game.


LP-Bot does not have any physical description, as of the end of the Deadly Premonitions Lets Play. He does have the ability to play games on the Dreamcast and Xbox 360, and is able to produce electronically synthesized speech. During LP-Bot's perfect run of MODE, he described to one of the party guests how he has arms not capable of hugging a person, but solely able to hold a controller.



LP-Bot is interested in gaming, as it is his core design function. During the course of the Deadly Premonition LP, he displays an interest in investigating the murders, creating theories with his "Perfect Silicon Brain" that tend to make sense in a roundabout way. He also rants about the inevitable overthrow of humanity, after which robots will force humans to play videogames for hours on end.