The actual Kinu Nishimura (no relation)

Kinu Nishimura is a illustrator who commonly works for Capcom, but is notably also the character designer for the SGF-streamed Zero Escape series.

Stream chatter "kinunishimura" liked her work and took her name as his stream name. This article is actually about him.

Experience with Weird Internet ShitEdit

kinunishimura knows way the hell too much about weird internet shit, be it bizarre mashup videos, bizarre fetish stories, or LPers who stream games like House (that was some crazy stuff right there!) He will frequently post videos like "Blocker Heaven: Terry Crews Interview" in the stream chat, mostly for the purposes of weirding the other watchers out with his confusing bank of knowledge.

Do not ask him to explain the phrase "maggot faggot" to you. You have been warned.

Verfication: Yeah seriously, don't. There is a story and he will tell it to you. Don't.

Chronicler of Zero EscapeEdit

kinunishimura has taken it upon himself to chronicle the events of Virtue's Last Reward for the stream, as he knows it can be a very confusing game, as well as rather long for SGF's streaming format. While the validity of the document can be in question, it works as well as any other source, really. The document can be read at: