Killerman as seen in Illbleed

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Killerman is the main antagonist during the Illbleed stage 'Killerman', and general all purpose serial killer. He leaves a red star on the face of all he kills.

If anyone has ever died you can be sure that Killerman is high on the suspect list; especially if the killer is a man, or someone who generally does killing.

He is still at large.

Non-Illbleed HomicidesEdit

While killerman has a high kill-rate outside of the Illbleed games, he is extremely bad at avoiding detection once the crimes have been discovered. 

SuperGreatFriend's trained team of internet detectives use a very advanced method first used by Jorg to identify any Killermen.

  • Is there a Killerman on the loose?
  • The Killerman is Killerman.

Foiled again!

This is a bulletproof deduction, as Killerman is exactly the sort of person who would turn out to be Killerman.

Not to be confused with Zerp, who is simultaniously everybody and nobody at the same time until he has been observed, it's difficult to explain... maybe if you take a look at this die...

Let's Play ILLBLEED Part 20 - Case Closed

Let's Play ILLBLEED Part 20 - Case Closed


WWE 2K14Edit


The award winning animation of Killerman's laser

Killerman is one of the main antagonists of WWE 2K14, alongside The Mystic. He is potrayed as an unstoppable killing machine, but as mindless without the guidance of his master, the Mystic. How the Mystic has control over Killerman is currently unknown. Killerman has killed Santino Marella with his signature killer star, Brodus Clay, and Big Show with his laser. He has encountered his old enemies Jorg and Brainless Randy in the federation, and quickly eliminated Randy from the King of the Ring tournament.