Kenji-Eno would come to your home

Kenji Eno was a japanese composer, video game developer, and CEO of companies: WARP, SUPER WARP, and Orange to Yellow. Kenji Eno was born on May, 5, 1970 and died on February, 20, 2013. Every one of Eno's games were covered by SGF. The first two of which were D & D2, the rest of Eno's games were covered in SGF's Enemy Zero LP. This is a complete list of those games, with a bit of Trivia thrown in!

Panic Restaurant Edit

Sunman Edit

Sun Man was a super hero game for the NES. It was about the heroic sun man, saving megaro city and the grand canyon from the evil Specter.

Trivia Time!: It was never officially released (That didn't stop SGF from getting his paws on the rom however). It was originally intended to be a Superman game but the license was lost.

D Edit

D was a FirstPerson FMV Horror Game for the 3DO. It was SGF's first WARP game. D already has a wiki page.

Oyaji Hunter Mahjong Edit

Oyaji Hunter Mahjong was a Mahjong game for the 3DO only released in Japan. It was about the Oyaji Hunter, saving anime girls and playing mahjong with perverted old men.

Trivia Time!: This was SGF's first mahjong experience, and he needed the power of wikipedia to figure it out. The game had a secret minigame menu with a trailer for D and a trailer for D2 that was radically different from the final Dreamcast version.

Short WARP Edit


Short warp was a Japan only minigame collection for the 3DO. The story behind minigame 2 and by extension the entire game according to SGF was: In the future volcanos were destroying the earth, so Dr.Blob and NASA built an artificial exoplanet, Dr.Blob would only let the people take a ride on his spaceship to the exoplanet in exchange for love and flowers.

Trivia Time!: Every copy of Short WARP came with a condom. Minigame 3 is a version of Oyaji Hunter Mahjong with out the Mahjong (just punching old men to death).

Enemy Zero Edit

Real Sound: Kaze no Regret Edit

Real Sound was a Japan only audio novel for the Sega Saturn. The game is similar to a visual novel but with no visuals, only audio. The story is about two kids that run away together.

Trivia Time!: The game came with strange extras such as cards with clouds on them, a manual in brail, and a packet of seeds.

D2 Edit

You, Me, and the Cubes Edit

You, Me, and the Cubes was a puzzle game and digital title for the Wii. It was about flinging humanoids called Fallos onto cubes whilst murding any inferior abomination pale Fallos.

Trivia Time!: After D2 flopped Kenji Eno left the gaming industry, but when the Wii was announced he had such a brilliant idea for it that he jumped back aboard the gaming industry and created a new company (Orange to Yellow) just to make this one game.