Jorg Baker is an optional playable character from Illbleed. He is a supporting character in WWE 2K14, and pops up now and again largely due to his ties to fan favorite Killerman.


Jorg is not one of Eriko's friends from the start of the game, but is instead a reporter who has entered the Illbleed park to investigate Killerman during the section of the same name, attempting to find out his "identity". It is not required to save Jorg, and the player can easily allow him to die. Bizarrely, if he is not saved Eriko will get a bad ending where she mourns the death of her "friends", even if she saved all of the other player characters, despite never having met Jorg before the start of the game.

Jorg's inclusion as a playable character largely seems to be an afterthought, as so much of the game is already cleared that the only places he can even be used is the Toyhunter stage and the final boss arena. He cannot even be used against Michael Reynolds himself, as only Eriko is allowed to do so, which requires letting Jorg die.

WWE 2K14Edit


Bully Demise describes the events of Wrecked to Jorg. A bug has their names swapped.

Jorg is called in by Vince Mcmahon in order to track down who killed Santino Morella and Brodus Clay. He is at first drawn to Bully Demise as his primary suspect due to all his enemies getting killed, but with his help later finds out it is actually Killerman. He works together with both Vince and Bully as best he can to try to stop him, and effectively becomes Bully's manager.

Relation to Francis York MorganEdit

Part 25 of the Deadly Premonition Let's Play features a clip show in the style of the game based off the events of Killerman, presenting Jorg as the star. There is a small implication at the end that Jorg and York are the same person, and Bully regularly refers to Jorg as York in WWE 2K14. Jorg somehow managed to keep ending up in an alternate dimension with Andre the Giant, meaning it is perhaps possible that he is York's "Zach" personality, or vice versa.

In the final episode of WWE 2K14 it's strongly implied he will one day become Fancis York Morgan, as Jorg reveals plans to leave journalism to join the FBI.