Illbleed is utterly filled with enemies, wanting to fight you and rip your flesh from your very bones. Here is a list of enemies, with background, descriptions, and fighting techniques included.

Encountered in Homerun of DeathEdit

Meat menEdit

Meat men are giant hulking monsters, standing more than six tall. They get their name from the fact they have are made of meat, and have hulking bodies of meat. They attack with meat, punching and kicking with meat. when killed they simply slump to the ground, like meat.

Crash test dummiesEdit

Crash test dummies are the unofficial mascots of Illbleed, slaves or servants of Dummyman. The dummies have Blue skin, and dirty brown jumpsuits. they are extremely agile, running, jumping, and using martial arts to attack their opponents, once killed, they fall apart into pieces.


One of the main reoccurring enemies, as he also appears in other stages. He always has a giant wrench which he uses to attack people with. He also runs a photobooth. There is a shock attack in the "Killerman" stage in which Dummyman rides a cart without the head Dummyman usually has, but instead the person who plays Dummyman.

Mr. BanballowEdit

Mr. Banballow is the antagonist of Homerun of Death. Banballow used to be the owner of his own hotel and the father of Jimmy Banballow, an expert baseball player, until some kids accidentally set the hotel on fire and killed Jimmy in the process. Burned and horribly disfigured from the fire, Banballow went insane and killed the kids who murdered his son with a blowtorch. You fight him three times, the third time him being a giant monster in the sea.

Encountered in Revenge of Queen WormEdit

Giant WormsEdit

Bred from Rachel, these giant worms were essentially cattle of the worm ranch that was taken over by Doronto.


Monkeys that wear a lot of accessories they have stolen. Some are even seen with horror monitors.

Faceless WomenEdit

Women that wear stripper clothes and they have no faces. They always carry revolvers which does some damage, but not a lot.

Rachel the WormEdit

Rachel is the antagonist of The Revenge of Queen Worm, well, not really the antagonist, she's more of a tragic villain. Rachel is a worm, a giant mutated worm who grew to monstrous proportions after ingesting gasoline. She breeds the other giant worms at an alarming rate, and due to her mutation and uncontrollable breeding, is in severe agony and is violent because of it. She waits for someone to kill her before she kills them so she can be reunited with her human father. Like any giant worm, Rachel can burrow underground and jump out to attack anyone above her.

Encountered in WoodpuppetsEdit


The titular entities of this level, which are re-animated corpses that are encased in wooden shells that look exactly like 6-foot art mannequins, later on in the level you'll become a woodman to progress further. There are 3 types of woodpuppets: brainless woodpuppets (Randy Fairbanks ends up as one in the level) which speak gibberish and act oddly, Normal woodpuppets which act without speaking, and human woodpuppets which can speak and act on their own. Near the end of the level there's a massive death game among the woodcutters & woodmen called the woodman hunt; where the woodcutters try to kill as many woodpuppets as possible in an effort to win the grand prize of a special edition gold chainsaw by Mclachlan.


The maniacal lumberjacks of McLachlan's lumber yard who are obsessed with the cutting down of trees and other things made of wood, so naturally they don't hesitate in entering the Woodman Hunting contest to cut down as many woodmen as possible like the trees their wooden shells came from. Armed with axes, they are sluggish but quite powerful fighters.

Trent the Tree SpiritEdit

Trent is the antagonist of Woodpuppets. His appearance consists that of a giant, 800-year old, gnarly, tough-as-nails tree with a huge grinning face growing on the trunk. He has an apparent hatred for lumberjacks and woodcutters of any sort as his backstory reveals how he devoured George McLachlan for trying to cut him down and kidnapping several humans and turning them into his mindless minions, the Woodpuppets. Trent uses his roots to kill anyone who goes anywhere near him.

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Encountered in Killer Department StoreEdit

Chicken, Pork, and BeefEdit

The meat market section of the Grocery floors has a countless supply of Chicken, Pork and Beef. These meats recover all of your health... but aren't really to much of your use outside of this area. You have to feed these meats to giant cockroaches to get them out of your way and make it to Mr. Meat's Steakhouse, there you'll have to fight all the meat you currently have on you which simply hops at you to attack.

Cashman JuniorsEdit

Mini-versions of Donald Cashman, there not tough, but it can be hard to hit them since there small.


Marie is the secondary antagonist of Killer Department store who resides in her own section of the Kids World toy aisle. She is a common example of the "Killer Doll" horror archetype as she has a dark, murderous side that rears its ugly head as you partake in her "games". Marie is a very dangerous enemy since one of the most agile enemies in the game and will swiftly rush at you with her knife very often.

Donald CashmanEdit

The main villain in Killer Department Store. Donald Cashman resembles a giant spider, except the entire backside of the spider is actually the demonic head of Cashman, complete with wide, green, insane eyes and a big, toothy, grinning mouth for him to devour money. Cashman is so greedy and hungry for cash that he even committed murder crimes to get more and more dollars, until the police gunned him down. Now as a ghost, Cashman haunts his department store waiting for someone with a really big wallet to fall into his web. You can't defeat Cashman at first, but once you get his control panel, all you'll have to do is make him run into walls.

Encountered in ToyhunterEdit


Rotten Eggs with arms, they're very tough to beat with a melee weapon, but if you have a firearm it can be easy to kill them.

Zodick the HellhogEdit

Zodick is the main antagonist of Toyhunter and probably one of the more popular enemies in Illbleed. Zodick is a giant demonic being with horns, bat wings for ears, 2 pairs of wings on his back, red claws, a nasty set of teeth and huge green eyes. Zodick's role in Illbleed is being the evil ruler of Toy Hell, Sexy Doll's kidnapper, and basically being a bully and a total dick towards Cork and his friends. His powers range from summoning monsters to do his dirty work, clawing, stomping, kicking and even somersaulting. The only way to defeat him is to make him drop his rings and then destroy the rings.

Zodick is actually a macabre parody of Sonic the Hedgehog, SEGA's mascot, and there are SEVERAL obvious hints that reveal the connection.

Encountered in KillermanEdit


The re-animated corpses of the countless dead guests of Illbleed, they more or less look, sound, and attack like any typical zombie would.


Killerman is the main antagonist of the level that has the same name as him. Killerman has a tall, superhero-like appearance and wears golden stars all over his body, and leaves a red star on his victims after he kills them. Killerman's role in Illbleed is much different than the other monsters, he plays the role of an actual serial killer. This is because Killerman is actually possessed by the spirits of all the dead visitors of Illbleed, and are all now using Killerman to enact their revenge on the homicidal theme park.

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Encountered in Michael Reynold's Museum of HorrorEdit

Oh No! ManEdit

One of the optional final bosses in the first run of Illbleed, Oh No! Man is headless, wear blue and white striped pants and holds sickles as weapons. His name is possibly a joke on the fact that he's headless, meaning "Oh no! That man has no head!", but this is not confirmed and is currently speculated.


One of the optional final bosses in the first part of Illbleed. Bullstinger is a large grotesque insect-like beast. He is the hardest boss out of the three you can choose.

Donald CashmanEdit

Cashman returns as an optional final boss in the first time you play Illbleed. His tactics and fighting style are not much different than last time, making him the easiest of the three final bosses.

Michael ReynoldsEdit

See also: Michael Reynolds

Michael Reynolds is the main antagonist of Illbleed and the true final boss in the game. He is the owner of the Illbleed theme park and apparently Eriko's father. Reynolds always enjoyed scaring his daughter up until she became 6, when she stopped being scared of her father's antics. Reynolds, being a fanatic on fear, felt like a failure at his career seeing that he was unable to scare his own daughter now, so he built Illbleed to, as he put it, "shock, scare and terrify" his daughter, once and for all. His first form is tall, slender and wearing a green business suit. His head is blue, having only eyes and no nose or mouth, a nasty scar that goes across his face and having a blue orb attached to his head. His second form is a larger version of his head covered in grey ooze, with a gaping mouth, empty eye sockets and his scar more visible. His final form is probably the most disturbing final boss in Illbleed: a giant brain with dragon wings, a ghoulish face and four tentacles. In the end Ericko defeated her father and Reynolds finally got what he wanted all along, he "scared the hell" out of his daughter.