Eriko Christy is the main character of Illbleed. She is a high school student who visits Michael Reynolds' horror theme park, Illbleed, in order to rescue her friends.

Throughout her childhood, Eriko's father curated a horror caravan and often tested his horror attractions on his daughter. Because of this, she has a reduced capacity to feel fear, for which she is resentful of her father. In gameplay terms, this translates to greater resistance to shock and the ability to get back up immediately when encountering enemies—unlike the other playable characters, who will scramble around on the floor in terror for a while.

Neglecting to rescue Eriko's friends throughout the game will result in her clothes becoming more and more destroyed until she loses them completely. This results in achieving the "true ending" in which Eriko directly faces off against Michael Reynolds and discovers he is, in fact, her father. The battle leaves Eriko feeling afraid for the first time in years, and she loses all confidence, becoming timid and fearful as she returns to normal life.