Deadly Premonition boasts a wide range of characters that Agent York can interact with throughout Greenvale. Not all of them are necessary for story progression, but each of them adds an interesting flavor to the town and its history.

Main CharactersEdit

Francis York MorganEdit

Call him York. That's what everybody calls him. York is the protagonist and main character of Deadly Premonition. He is an FBI agent that specializes in unusual homicide cases. York is in Greenvale to investigate the murder of a young woman connected to some red seeds, which have been popping up in numerous other cases. The mystery that he unravels in Greenvale is unlike anything he has ever seen before.

Zach Edit

York's only friend and confidante, invisible and inaudible to everyone but York himself. Even York does not really understand Zach's true nature, but talks constantly to him, even in front of other people. To those around York, Zach is nothing more than an imaginary friend. However York treats him like a real person and relies heavily on Zach to put pieces of his mysteries together.

George Woodman Edit

The Sheriff of Greenvale and one of the most well-respected men of the community. York often calls him "The Monarch". He has a gruff exterior and personality, but it is clear that he cares about Greenvale and its inhabitants. George doesn't take kindly to York's invasion of his town and requires a lot of persuasion to get the two of them on the same page.

Emily Wyatt Edit

A deputy sheriff of Greenvale. She is known for being a tough cop and a terrible cook. Emily takes a liking to York and helps him get acquaitend with the town and the murder case. Like George, she has a great love and respect for Greenvale and is well-liked in the community.

Thomas Maclaine Edit

George's shy, effeminate assistant. He is frequently complimented for his cooking. Thomas also works as a bartender to help out his sister.

The Raincoat Killer Edit

Once little more than local legend, the Raincoat Killer, or someone in his guise, has been ritualistically murdering young women in Greenvale. Perhaps even more frightening than his Red Seed-related butchery is his ability to follow Agent York into the strange imaginary Otherworld, where he cannot be killed.

Forrest Kaysen Edit

A traveling sapling salesman and a common face in Greenvale. He is well-liked in the community and is often seen walking with the young Ingram twins. Emily tells York that he has been coming around for a couple of months and made an impression on the townsfolk. He is rarely seen without his trusty Dalmation, Willie.

Major characters Edit

Anna Graham Edit

The first victim of Greenvale's murder case. Her body was found tied to a tree and discovered by the local woodsman and his two sons. She was a local high school graduate with dreams of making it big in the city.

Ushah Johnson Edit

The local medical professional in the town of Greenvale, he is given the unfortunate task of performing autopsies on the victims of the Raincoat Killer. He has a love of chess and potato chips.

Harry Stewart Edit

An eccentric entrepreneur who owns most of Greenvale. For reasons not made readily apparent, he always wears a gas mask and rarely speaks directly to people. Also unlcear is his interest in York and the riddles he gives the agent to point him in the right direction. He is never seen without his assistant, Michael.

Isaach and Isaiah Ingram Edit

Two local twins who provide more information on the case than one would expect. They also seem to have an ability to communicate with the dead girls.

Diane Ames Edit

The owner of the Muses art museum in the town of Greenvale. She is a bit of a seductress. Diane appears to be in some kind of relationship with Kaysen, although the details are unclear. She also has a close friendship with Nick Cormack.

Polly Oxford Edit

The elderly caretaker and owner of the only hotel in Greenvale. She is hard of hearing and frequently forgets things, which allows her to dodge important questions.

Becky Ames Edit

A citizen of Greenvale. Becky is Diane's sister and Anna's best friend. She knows something about Anna's murder but prefers to stay locked inside of her mansion.

Carol MacLaine Edit

The owner of Greenvale's Galaxy of Terror, a local bar. She is Thomas MacLaine's younger sister and is known for her short temper. She is particularly irate with York and brushes him off rather quickly at times.

Sallie Graham Edit

Anna's mother. She went a little crazy after her daughter's death. Sallie will randomly appear in town, babbling about Anna's dress or her daughter's location. She also frequents SWERY 65, another local bar. With her daughter gone and her husband dead from a crash, she has no one left to turn to.

Jim Green Edit

The park ranger of Greenvale Forest Park. He is the father of Lilly Ingram and grandfather of the twins, Isaach and Isaiah. He was one of the men who found Anna's body.

Keith Ingram Edit

The father of the twins and husband to Lilly Ingram. Co-owner of the Milk Barn convenience store. He has a habit of snapping his fingers and playing air guitar. He is also something of a folklorist, offering York a variety of ghost stories and maps to their locations for a price.

Lilly Ingram Edit

The wife of Keith Ingram and mother of the twins. She works with her husband at the Milk Barn. Lilly is the strongest mother figure in Greenvale, taking care of her family, her customers, and anyone else who needs it.

Nick Cormack Edit

The owner of the A&G Diner. He is well known for his cooking, but he also has a deep love of art. He's rather stand-offish and curt with everyone, especially York.

Olivia Cormack Edit

The wife of Nick Cormack. She works with her husband at the A&G Diner. Unlike her husband, she's much more demure but friendly and willing to give help when needed.

Richard Dunn Edit

The owner of the SWERY 65 darts bar. He and his son, Quint, take charge of Sallie's recovery after Anna's death.

Quint Dunn Edit

The son of Richard Dunn and boyfriend of Becky Ames. He works at the SWERY 65 with his father and enjoys tinkering with his motorcycle.

Michael Tillotson Edit

Harry Stewart's aid. He frequently uses rhymes when relaying information. Like Harry, there is a lot of mystery surrounding his character.

Minor characters Edit

Gina the Rose Edit

Jack's wife. She works at the gas station with her husband and gives out special car washes to frequent customers.

Freckly Fiona Edit

The receptionist at Greenvale General Hospital. She has great admiration for the doctor, Ushah.

Jack the Raging Bull Edit

Owner of the Heaven And Hell gas station. He hates cops. Only bribery can get him to open up.

"Roaming" Sigourney Edit

A crazy old lady who is always seen carrying a pot. She shows up in random places around Greenvale. She was also classmates with Polly Oxford.

Brian the Insomniac Edit

A pale, sickly looking man who watches over the graveyard during the day. He has some trouble speaking.

Wesley the Gunsmith Edit

Owner and gunsmith of the Panda Bear gun store. He is also an avid card collector.