In This Episode: Supergreatfriend explores The frozen lake on a snomobile, Flamethrowers a hatch, and meets up with some old friends.


Supergreatfriend speaks in a monotionous voice for most of the video, almost half asleep. Mister Friend has aparently finished off a new years eve party, with Classical pieces and Jazzy interludes playing in the background.

SGF: "It's two thousand-ten, and there is time for D2... It's time to continue..."

Laura mounts the snowmobile and drives off.

SGF: "So last time we murdered an old man and his plant wife, his plant computer wife. Now we're heading back on the snowmobile. We're heading back to Brenner Pharmacudicals. We picked up something at the observatory, picked up the flamethrower."

Combat ensues against an eyeball shoulder and a Miner, resembling mercus from the gold mine.

SGF: "Mercus, Mercus what are you doing here? 'mean how dosh *Mumbling* Don't have any shotgun shells. Submachine gun is inadiquate, There's green blood all over our face, Mercus wants to hit us with his hammer. Why do we have to fight enemies on the snowmobile? Shoulden't have to do that.

Combat ends. Laura mounts the Snowmobile and drives off as faint music starts to play.

SGF: "I guess it would be bad if we didn't, 'cause we would just be underleveled if that was the case. We passed something last time, we passed the frozen lake. Well it's time to explore the frozen lake.

Combat starts with a pair of flyers.

SGF: "it's not nescesary to do so, it's completley optional. You can if you want, you can skip it if you want, all thats there are a few items, and some enemies... Lovely, Lovely enemies get in our way

Combat ends. SGF drives onto the lake, music turning into a somewhat loud waltz.

SGF: "Those flyers remind me of the cliff racers in morrowind. somehow there seems to be a simmilarity. If you go through that fenceor go to the frozen lake, Oh whats this, whats this? Uh we have no controll on the lake, the snowmobile doesn't work well on ice, it can barely controll where we're going. Fortunatley when we're on the lake, there are no enemies. The enemies don't like the ice I guess, they like the snow hate the ice. if we go to this little island right here, there's a Gbomb. It really would be easier just to run around on the ice, rather than use the snowmobile. But if I leave it here, I'll probably forget where I left it. so I guess we're taking the snowmobile, while we futilely attempt to stear the thing. if we go back on the snowbanks on the side we'll gain controll back, but then we'll have to fight enemies again."

Combat starts with two Diglets.

SGF: "One neat thing about the snowmobile is that you can make Laura wipe out on it. it's kinda' difficult to do actualy, you have to drive straight at eh, an angle, an incline that is too steep for the snomobile to go on. and it'll fall over with Laura on it. It's just a little animation but it's a nice touch. It's actualy suprisingly difficault to do though, usualy the snowmobiel will correct itself but sometimes it'll happen. Oh so many enemies... Why are there so many enemies?"

The Diglets thrash around, and SGF shoots one in it's human face and third eye, making them explode into giblets.

SGF: "Feels like they're dancing,the're not really attacking me. Anyway it can be usefull to go into this frozen lake area,cause even though there's a whole lot'a nothin' in it, there are some grenades and some shotgun ammo which can be usefull. And there is lack of controll. So much lack of controll.

SGF reaches a small dam at the end of the lake.

SGF: "Alright let's get off here, because right here at the end of the lake, are some items to pick up. It's kind of suprising that there's such a big area with basicaly nothing in it, then again maybe I shouldent be so suprised because this is D2. Also besides the items there is one other thing to note here. If you walk in this direction there is a spawning point for some animals. Not just any animals, and unfortunatly we can not use the flamethrower for huntin', that is not what it is for."

SGF takes out the hunting rifle, shooting a large moose.

SGF: "MOOSE! it's the first time we saw a moose and it's worth four meets. It looks pritty much exactly like a caribu, I don't know how you're supposed to tell them apart but somehow you're supposed to.So yeah, if you shoot the ever rare moose you get four meats, so there are two rabits worth of meats in a moose. and the're barely any in the game actually, I mean I guess if you wanted to get your hunting score up you could just hang around here and keep shooting moose until you got the moose marksman award, I don't really know why anyone would want to do that though theres no reward for actualy getting those awards, there's no real point for doing it except personal preferance. I guess if D2 was made today that would be an achivement wouldent it? Those hunting achivements. You know you shoot ten moose you get an achivement so we all have to do it. but back then there were no achivement so we didn't feel the need to actualy do these pointless little quests. I killed another enemy. Are achivements a good thing? I don't know, they can be kind of fun. At the same time, without achivements I really don't feel any kind of need to do these little side things, if their achivements were there I would kinda hang out and shoot a lot of moose just to get the achivement. I don't know if thats sad or what."

As SGF aproaches Brenner Pharmasudicals, a large Bullsquid apears out of the snow, along with a diglet, SGF pulls out a shotgun to accomodate them.

SGF: "That enemy to the right (The bullsquid) is pritty tough yeah that one, cause his week point is in his mouth. But look at the shotgun, kills him in two hits. kills this guy (Diglet) in one. it's amazing how much more powerfull the shotgun is more powerfull than the submachine gun. but of course it has limited ammo, so thats why I'm using the submachine gun.

combat ends, SGF aproaches Brenner Pharmasudicals

SGF: "but anyway here we are back at brenner pharmasudicals. Like I sad we have that flamethrower now, and do you remember that frozen hatch? Oh good. I can't actualy walk through that path because the snowmobile is blocking the path. lets get back on the snowmobile, yes there we go.Yeah, you remember that frozen hatch? Coulden't get in? We can get in now."

SGF Enters into the labs.

SGF: "Cause we're going to flamethrower that hatch. that, yes that is what laura thinks to do with the flamethrower, when confronted with legions of plant-zombie-monsters she does not think to use it. but we do have to get into that hatch I suppose, so why not use it for this? Nothing new in Brenner Pharmasudicles, dead Cloneberly is still right there, nothing new there. So let's go back to that hatch, and kind of wonder why there isn't anything else in this pharmasudicles place, it's small. But what mysteries could be lurking, within the hatch? I guess we're about to find out.

Cutscene of Laura flamethrowering the hatch open.

SGF: "Laura does not mess around, when it comes to unlocking. No door remains locked, in the face of Laura's fury! She must have them unlocked. and she will grip a... what has to be a pritty piping hot piece of metal in order to unlock this door. She will not be denied.... Gasp it opens! wasn't expecting that! oh an ominous staricase going down. I see no reason not to explore this.

SGF walks down the staircase into a hidden subteranian room.

SGF: "maybe there'll be another kimberly clone they seem to be all over the place. Maybe we should get kimberly back from the motell, or the shack or whatever it is, I don't see why Laura needs to be going off on her own. I mean, I guess it avoids cutscenes. we have some plants, I'm suprised to find that here.

SGF examines a jarred plant, part of a huge rack of plants,

SGF: " 'What is this? What is this?' Laura says, 'What is this plant?' we don't know what that is. 'What is that? oh I'll just leave that here. can't possibley be of importance. Huh? what is that? I dunno.' yeah let's just ignore that... Probably Mandragora or somethin'... there's science stuff on the wall.on that white board lotta science stuff drawn down, I can see a drawing of a leaf. so let's look at that science stuff. but before we do that there's shotgun shells. yep, leaving the shotgun shells there.

SGF examines the science stuff. Laura finds a picture of David, and grabs it, shocked. suddenly someone shuts the door behind her. the temperature drops to fourty below, and Laura is rescued by the great mother.

Great Mother: "Laura, Laura Parton. I am the great mother. You must awaken and take up arms again my child. Preapare yourself with Reneued strength and courage for the coming battle, between all mankind and the shadow. I command you in the name of the great mother. The giver of all Life, Guardian of the earth.

Laura's hands begin to glow, showing an image of the earth, with superimposed images of Egyptian warlords, Roman centurions, and Spartan Legions fighting with Swords and chariots. the vision ends, cutting to the compact resting on the tabel, with the text, INSERT DISC 3 on the screen.

SGF: "Right, so theres that. Laura was freezing to death in the uh, the hatch at Brenner Pharmasudicles. cause someone closed it on her. guess those pants we saw looked kind of firmilliar. Was that Kimberly? was it another clone? we still don't know what the deal was with kimberly killing cliff and she didn't act any differently the next time we saw her. so whats the deal? whats going on with her? but anyway thats how we end disc two, with Laura almost dead and she ends up with another vision, and she... well, I guess we're about to see what happens arent we? cause we arent stopping now cause that would be pritty short. so let's continue on to disc 3.

Parker is driving a red truck down a mountain road and singing a tune to himself. suddenly Laura falls out of the sky in a glow of yellow light, landing on the roof.

SGF: "