Emerson's forced tutorial

Coach Emerson is a recurring antagonist of Bully Demise, appearing in Wrestling Revolution and WWE 2K14.

Wrestling RevolutionEdit

In Wrestling Revolution, Emerson is the owner of the wrestling school which players start at. He gives the player several tutorials, serves as their manager, as well as the referee. He seems to do just about everything other than actually wrestle.

Emerson seems to have it out for Bully Demise from the very start, as he disqualifies him in multiple matches for use of his sword, and goes out of his way to count as slowly as possible when he attempts to pin an enemy. Emerson hates Bully's sword so much that he regularly attempts to force him to change his gimmick, and demands that Bully sign a contract within a handful of months. Bully ultimately fails due to his mental inability to sign a contract (Due to poor Ouya controls), and Emerson fires him. Due to lack of a job, Bully would go on to enter poverty and be arrested for being unable to pay his taxes.

WWE 2K14Edit


Emerson doing what's "best for business"

In the first part of the WWE 2K14 let's play, it is shown that Emerson's hold over wrestling school has become even stronger after Bully Demise has left. For some reason, there are now crowds in the wrestling school, presumably due to Emerson's "brilliant" business decisions. He is seen attempting to force Heavenly Bobby into a contract in the same way he did to Demise, and forces Crash Cougar to wear an absolutely ridiculous outfit.

Bully Demise returns shortly into the episode, finally coming back to the land of the living after dying in prison and going through purgatory. He drags Emerson back into the hole he came out of before it closes, presumably killing him, as he has not been seen since. It is possible that Emerson could come back in the same way that Demise did, especially considering that the island that Wrecked took place on would be empty and easy to leave. Even The Mystic is gone, as he later enters the land of the living.


Coach Emorson

Emerson makes a cameo in episode 8 as "Coach Emorson" during a nightmare Bully has due to a near fatal encounter with Killerman. Emorson uses alternate capitalization with every letter of his dialogue, has a blackened face, and appears to have no eyeballs. Emorson appears to have taken Vince Mcmahon's place in the dream, though Vince is still there as a horrifying mockery of himself. Of course, given this is just a dream, this is not the real Emerson, who is presumably still in purgatory.