The easiest choice ever made.

The Casino is a location in every game ever made, most notably 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors .

The Casino is the absolute best place to visit and you would be insane not to try and go there whenever possible.

If you've already visited the Casino it's best to check back anyway just in case something has changed.

It's not like anywhere else could be more interesting than a Casino anyway.

999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine TitanicsEdit

Stream Friend - 999 p

Stream Friend - 999 p.3 (1 2)


The first time a Casino was encountered was during a STRAM on 12/29/12 when searching for the missing character 'Snake'.

​Due to how early 999 was played on the weekly streams, ODME had not yet received sufficient blood sacrifices to become operational, so in order for users to vote on a choice they had to type the full name of the option.

When given a choice of locations in later streams, the pure giddy excitement of the chat to seek The Casino will often make them forget how ODME works and type the full name 'CASINO' regardless. This failure for votes to be counted is the sole reason why we have never been able to visit any subsequent Casinos in other games.

Everyone remains bitter to this day that SGF only needed to visit the Casino a few more times to get the elusive [CASINO] ending.