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Bully Demise is an original character created by SuperGreatFriend. 


Bully Demise was born through the character editor of an MDickie game called Wrestling Revolution on the Ouya, currently the only wrestling game available for that system, but is also available on numerous other devices.


Bully Demise is an eight foot tall, 16-year-old independent wrestler who achieved fame through his hard work, and his trademark technique of murdering his enemies with a sword: which is a very costly gimmick that charges him $1,000 a week. He is known mostly for his weird disability, having a gigantic right foot, which has proven to be of no hindrance to the champion. He has been featured on the cover of 'POWER SLAM' magazine.

Apricot Love made a ravelry doll of Bully Demise which can be found here:


Demo Friend - Wrestling Revolution (Ouya)

Demo Friend - Wrestling Revolution (Ouya)

Bully Demise's career started with SuperGreatFriend's Demo Friend of Wrestling Revolution. His career was lengthy and entertaining.

Bully started his career in debt at Coach Emerson's Wrestling School, and due to the infamously high cost of haunted sword maintenance he was quickly plunged even further into debt. He got two promotion deals which were both inadvertently declined. 

Bully was eventually kicked out of Wrestling School due to an inability to secure a deal, although there have been rumours Bully's resistance to adopt Coach Emerson's suggested gimmicks caused his relationship with the school to chill.

Bully's intended character is a Face, but his crushing power as compares to his opponents has caused the audience to view him as a Heel anyway.

Match Type Opponent Win/Loss Match Date (week/month/year) Profit Balance Notes
One On One Powermonger Loss 4th/July/2013 $-1,102 $8,888 Disqualified
One On One Spunk Bloodily Win 1st/August/2013 $-1,102 $7,786
One On One Powermonger Win 2nd/August/2013 $-1,102 $6,684
One On One Crash Cougar Win 3rd/August/2013 $-1,102 $4,782 Match did not count- game crashed before progress could be saved.
One On One Crash Cougar Win 3rd/August/2013 $-1,102 $5,582 A redo of the previous match. Streamed 11/2/13
One On One Gary Mallet Win 4th/August/2013 $-1,102 $4,480 Streamed 11/2/13
4 Way Multiple Opponents (Baliff Bane, Quincy Rhymes, Voodoo)


Quincy Rhymes won by making Bailiff Bane Submit.

1st/September/2013 $-1,102 $3,388

Streamed 11/2/13D




Wally Howitzer Loss 2nd/September/2013 $-1,102 $2,286

Streamed 11/9/13.

Bully over-trained the night before and was unable to recover in time.




Val Halla Loss 3rd/September/2013 $-1,102 $1,184 Streamed 11/9/13.




Heavenly Bobby Win 4th/September/2013 $-1,100 $84

Streamed 11/9/13.

Ref restarted the match, so Bully actually won twice.




Aaron Benson Win 1st/October/2013 $-1,100 $-1,014 Streamed 11/9/13.




Aaron Benson

Heavenly Bobby (surprise challenger)

Loss 3rd/October/2013 $-1,100 $-3,214

Streamed 11/25/13.

Bobby entered near match's end to challenge Bully on the 3rd of November.



Anders Reich

Heavenly Bobby

Win 4th/October/2013 $-1,100 $-4,314

Streamed 11/25/13.

Bully hit them both with a double powerbomb and it was awesome.




Hardback Win 1st/November/2013 #-1,100 $-5,414 Streamed 11/25/13.



"And lo, the stomps did strengthen the faith." Bully 3:16

After a long absence from the world of professional wrestling, Bully Demise (Full name: Bull E.D Nice) entered the World Wrestling Federation thanks to finally learning how to write his own name. 

Bully quickly made friends with his boss Vince McMahon after discovering their mutual love for Italian food and a similar history with the IRS.

A natural feuder since his incarceration in December 2013, Bully has been involved in several personality clashes during his stay in the WWE, including with The Undertaker (retro), Big Show, Heavenly Bobby and Crash Cougar.

After The Mystic being assassinated by Vince McMahon by vehicle and Killerman being sent to the afterlife for eternity, he is then brought yet again to Andre the Giant in Heaven, who reveals himself to be Jesus Christ (saying Andre was one of his other physical forms) and informs Bully that his remaining in the world of the living after his death is keeping a hole in the dimensional rift open and as such will let much more evil entities pass through, and the only way to fix this is to ascend to Heaven and give up his title. Bully refuses at first, but he is encouraged by his parents and Big Show to do what's right. Before he can make a decision, he is attacked by The Shadow itself, albeit a much weaker version. He defeats it and seals it away using a flower, and finally accepts his fate, therefore becoming the eternal protector of Heaven.

Doki Doki Love Stomp Edit

"What does the heart say that my muscles cannot?!" Edit

A ridiculous wrestling dating sim! Play as Hulku-chan, a young Hogan-obsessed freshman attending Wrestling School. On her way to her first class on her first day, she runs into a mysterious, 8-foot-tall sophomore named Bully Demise and begins a journey of love, stomps, and heartbreak.

The game can be downloaded here:

You can watch SGF's Valentine's stream of the game on YouTube here:

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