Occasionally mentioned by SGF and announced by Microsoft during their E3 2014 coverage, the Saturday stream will be changing to a "New Stream Format" sometime around August 2014. The change is set to happen after VLR has been completed, and speculation is rampant in households worldwide as to what exactly a change in format could mean.

As of August 2014, it turned out the new stream format was the same, just without title cards and no obligation to continue any one game. Think of it like a long game of Warioware... but on a 3DO.



Could the new stream be RealPlayer exclusive?

The leading theories as to the nature of 'The New Stream Format" according to a poll were as follows:

  • The stream will move back to Twitch, the delay will be used to censor SuperGreatFriend's foul language.
  • The stream will be a RealPlayer exclusive series.
  • The stream will be taken over my SGF's LPing buddy Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and will be entirely scarecam streams of slenderman games.
  • The stream will feature an innovative 'Free to watch' model, with in-stream purchases available to remove ads, cast a vote, make a comment in the chat, turn off chat, turn the chat back on again, muting LegoFan94, keyboard shortcuts for 20+ hilarious stream in-jokes and to see the real ending for Dementium 2.
  • Alternate audio track with directors commentary by SGF narrating live over his live commentary of the videos games as he streams them live.
  • Due to legal reasons SGF is not allowed to play video games on the stream, and will instead narrate his daily life as he eats snacks and browses social media for a few hours.
  • All DOTA 2, all the time.